Dr. Jernigan isBoard Certified in both General and Vascular Surgery.   He is one of only three surgeons between Memphis and Nashville to have obtained the Vascular Surgery certification.


What is Board Certification?

Board Certification by the American Board of Surgery is intended to assess the qualifications of individuals who have completed extensive education and training in their field.   Not all surgeons are board certified.   Board Certification is voluntary and demonstrates a surgeonís commitment to quality patient care.   In contrast, medical licensure is required by state law for an individual to practice medicine and is not specialty specific.

The requirements for certification include:


Ø Graduation from an accredited medical school in the U.S. or Canada, or certification by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates.

Ø Satisfactory completion of a residency/fellowship training program in the area of expertise.

Ø Attestation by the director of the training program to the individualís surgical skills, ethics and professionalism.

Ø Possession of a valid license to practice medicine in the U.S. or Canada

Ø Successful completion of a written examination, which assesses an individualís knowledge of general surgery and/or the specialty.

Ø Successful completion of an oral examination, which is designed to evaluate surgical judgment and decision-making.   Candidates are interviewed by experienced surgeons who assess their ability to diagnose and treat diverse problems in surgery, as well as manage potential complications.